Awards and Recognition

Corporal Freddie Stowers was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

For its extraordinary service in the Champagne offensive, the entire regiment was awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palm by French Vice Admiral Moreau.  

In addition, three of the officers of the 371st were awarded the French Legion of Honor; 10 Officers were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal; 14 officers and 12 men earned the Distinguished Service Cross; two men won the French Medaille Militaire -- awarded to enlisted men for signal acts of military valor; and 41 officers and 110 men won the Croix de Guerre.  


Admiral Moreau also read from the following citation:

The 371st has shown the very best qualities of bravery and audacity which are characteristic of shock troops. Under the command of Colonel Miles, it launched itself with a superb spirit and admirable disregard of danger at the assault of a position stubbornly held by the enemy. It took it by terrific fighting under an exceptionally violent machine gun fire. It then continued its progression in spite of enemy artillery and its cruel losses, making numerous prisoners, securing cannon, machine guns and important material.
— Petain, Marshal of France

Accolades from General Goybet of the Red Hand Division

In transmitting to you with legitimate pride the thanks and congratulations of the General Garnier-Duplessis, allow me, my dear friends of all ranks, Americans and French, to thank you from the bottom of my heart as a chief and a soldier for the expression of gratitude for the glory which you have lent our good 157th Division. I had full confidence in you but you have surpassed my hopes.

During these nine days of hard fighting you have progressed nine kilometers through powerful organized defenses, taken nearly 600 prisoners, 15 guns of different calibres, 20 minenwerfers, and nearly 150 machine guns, secured an enormous amount of engineering material, an important supply of artillery ammunition, brought down by your fire three enemy aeroplanes.

"THE RED HAND", sign of the Division, thanks to you, became a bloody hand which took the Boche by the throat and made him cry for mercy. You have well avenged our glorious dead.